Sunday, 12 May 2013

Distraction 2

I sewed more sisters choice sets yesterday to get to this stage...........if you sew in the same order every time they act as their own leader/ender project  in a neat string ready for snipping and pressing.  Then I sew the borders on, working on two blocks at a time.

I sewed these yesterday using  snips for the tie knots.  I'm trying to move the colours to orange and red so I don't end up with too many pink blocks.  I didn't need to do any of these as leaders, it really IS a distraction. 

I now when I have trimmed, I sew the  knots onto cream 2" squares, pair up with the coloured squares, and the sets go in the box ready to be sewn later as leader enders when they are needed as such.

Sorting out the pile of snips wasn't too fun.  That's why I'm sewing them up as I get them now.  These corners are around
1  1/2", just the right size.

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