Saturday, 20 July 2013


I have two books on the go at the moment, not a usual state of affairs for me.  I have been coming across references to Moby Dick for about a year, so I free Kindled it.  Wayward Girls and Wicked Women is for another Bookcrosser, from my 'Mount To Be Read': I tagged someone this book in the wishlist tag game.  I was tagged back with Fahrenheit 451 from my wishlist.
I have so many secondhand books to read that sometimes I need help choosing-I recently ran a UK competition to choose my next read, then I would sent it on-as there were only about 7 entries, they are all winners and I'll read each one and sent it to the choose in the next few months. If you are a book fanatic, take a look at Bookcrossing and join the community, its free!

Not much sewing done today, horrid headache,the pressure is on as I have to quilt a baby quilt tomorrow, not much time left!

I sat down with the box of crumbs and rummaged
A few half-and-half hexies and about 30 normal ones. It appears they are very nice!
I didn't want to trim up big pieces from the crumbs box as I can make better use of these somewhere else.  I will look out for more appropriate trimmings like these as they will look good in the random hexie quilt.

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