Sunday, 7 July 2013

Self induglent industry

Last night I put together a quilt backing, the fabric was just too narrow so I inserted strips. It will coordinate with the front of the quilt.

I haven't done any Kiss in the Corner for about three weeks, I woke very early as we have a heatwave, and propped myself in bed with Quiltcam on the laptop for an hour.  Then it just got too hot to be wrestling with a double quilt!

Next was orphans: one orphan block from the quilt I'm working on now, one random rainbow orphan; technically the 14 red bow ties are orphans too as the knots were cut from the leftover red sashings from yesterday.   I try to sew up the orphans to a usable state now, ready to drop into something, rather then put them away half done.

Then it was VE1 series playtime.  I didn't mean to get hooked on this toady!  The yellows are a little bleached in the photos and you can't see the quilting too well as its so sunny, high 20's, not my favourite time of year for quilting. 

I played with the stitches on my machine and just let the quilting happen. And its still only 2pm!

And its still only 2pm!  Still time for some free motion practice!

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