Sunday, 11 August 2013

A thank you to Jane

I haven't spoken to Jane for nearly 30 years, though I think about her. She is settled in America now.  Jane hand pieced me a duvet cover as a wedding present when I was first married, from scrap fabrics, something like this the days when there were no templates to be bought and everything was cut with scissors. Now I understand the work involved, whilst she was raising a young family I am still touched by that gift.    

My mum was a seamstress so I learnt to sew, it was part of my DNA. Now, I pretty much only sew patchwork.  That is, due to the influence of these two women.  Mum, thanks for passing on your skills.  Jane, thank you for the gift all those years ago, thank you for those hours of hand stitching. Sadly, it's long gone.  If I had known better then, I would have patched it up and kept it living somehow.  xxx

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