Saturday, 3 August 2013


I haven't been able to settle to much sewing.  Last weekend I went to London and visited the Victoria and Albert museum, I took lots of very poor quality photos for inspiration.  This one is from the top floor, the lighting was OK as it was outdoors!

I took some 1/2" diamonds to do on the train. I did a few in my lunch break at work this week too.  I worked out I do about one a minute, 100 done.

I also did a little machine work every evening, 64 bow ties done. Mostly uglies, but they will be fine when mixed in.

We have been looking after a lost kitty for two weeks.  She is definitely lost and not a wild cat, loves her food, home comforts, knows how a household works. As its warm she's living out doors because of our own aged cat and territorial issues.  We have put up posters, but no luck. I think a work colleague will take her next week. She really wants a home, she sneaked in a while ago and has discovered the joys of quilting. I don't have the heart to turf her out. She has been asleep and relaxed for about an hour, my cat hasn't noticed, thank goodness!

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