Monday, 16 September 2013

Over excited again

If you are a regular reader, you know I have trouble throwing away even the smallest scraps.  These are the snips from Sisters Choice blocks I made a while ago....... some of them I used for pink bow tie knots.
I almost threw a bag of pink and a bag of cream snips out this weekend.   Whilst I'm doing the bow ties, I thought, with the 2" cream squares out, I'll just sew a few pink corners on, then I will HAVE to do something with them one day someday.
I was browsing blog posts, and there is was, all halo lit and pink round the edges......
Lainee, one of my followers over at A Bit of a Novice Quilters Life posted in June about her mini design wall: on it were multi-coloured windmill/star thingies.

I immediately had to try it out......and its going to work!

Yay! Thank you Lainee!  As long as I keep the pinks all the same in a block, and fairly dark, the overall scrappiness of the creams and the star points won't be too overwhelming.   I'm not going to get sidetracked though, this was just the experiment for later on.  This will probably end up as a baby quilt or a Linus quilt (whichever happens to come a long at the time of making!). 

I'm still plodding through the last of the bow ties on the machine-another 100 spun:
that's 400 from the current sewing frenzy so far.

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