Friday, 13 September 2013

So may bow ties!

Here is the first  batch of bow ties  waiting to have the seams spun, a TV job this weekend.
I like the odd mismatched ones the best, can't wait to see them in the quilt-there aren't many of them but they will add interest-here, orange bows, black knots. Sore fingers form all the smoothing!

I have kept the bow ties on the machine all week for spare moments-this is the second huge batch!  There are a lot left to do: I have had my fill of 'just sewing' this week, so the project will go back to the standard leaders and enders status for a bit when this batch is done.  Nice to have one of these projects ready to go when the 'just sew' bug catches you.

The next leaders and enders project will be Bonnie's Perkiomen Daydreams. This should keep me going for a bit. Years, in fact!

Later this weekend I'll be putting the sashings on 'orange and blue' which is still laid out in the spare room (link to previous post).  I'm going to set the blocks in the same way as the blue and red baby quilt, sashed with the orange highlight fabric.  I'll also be finishing the binding on the baby quilt-Baby Alexander has arrived!

 I don't know if I will get this done in time for a Christmas present, as there is so much else to take priority, but at least the top will be ready to go.

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