Saturday, 21 September 2013

The yukky green dilema

Lesson learnt, yukky greens don't improve by putting them with nice greens, it makes the whole mess look yukky!

I tried inserting some red into the layout-nope, that didn't help.  I tried three layouts and finally found one that's not so bad.
Original layout, pattern pivots round the centre (only half here)

Second try, even more random greens tightly packed, ew.

Ah, better,  this is about 1/4 size, rows zigzag down the quilt, a stronger look  that I can enhance with quilting

 I'll put the rest of this together tomorrow, that's another flimsy ready to go. I have sent my son this picture and the red and green one from the last post, so he can choose which one he wants, before I start quilting anything. 

Now, what to do with 239 nine patches!  This was a leader and ender project that got out of hand!
 I used a few for the baby quilt I made last month.  There are enough here, with enhancement, for a double.  Some thought necessary here.
Another 100 bow ties  with seams spun, that's 500 from this months sewing so far (more to spin).

Also been working on
The most comfortable place is propped up in bed watching Quiltcam archives or The Quilt Show episodes.   It's been cold this week, so that's been rather snug!

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