Sunday, 4 January 2015

Use it up.

Hmm. Literally hundreds of sewn up green/neutral four patches found in the reorganisation. Not the nicest of colours. What to do? Go to Bonnie Hunter: More Adventures with leaders and enders on Kindle. 

The four patches were leftovers from 'the big green one'  that I'm piecing, from the blocks that I have made up already.  I will do 'four patch x' from the book, here on the right to use up those green/neutral four patches: well, about half-thats 280, with at least that many left!! 

I found the other fabrics in the stash for 'four patch x', I just need oranges for the accent colour, these will probably be scrappy.  That pale one is really yellow. with teeny white spots, it will be the background fabric.
Does this count as distraction? Yup. I'll keep my mind on those flimsies that need quilting.  I layered one of the charity quilts today. I'll layer one every evening this week, ready to go at the weekend.

Then got distracted!  I have been looking around for a house quilt design for a while now with lots archived on this pinterest board.   

I played in the scrap bin, which had some larger shirt pieces in.
In the far distant future I'll dig out some tree and sky fabric, do a bit of decorative machine stitching and quilt cloud formations on these for a charity quilt. A bit too much attention needed to whiz it together now. 
The background is good quality twice recycled white cotton sheeting, formerly hotel bedding (they bought it as rags for the factory where I used to work) .  Yes, I fished them out of the bins at the end of the day, washed them a couple of times, good as new. Now being used in charity quilts.  Now that's frugal!

I don't think I will be using this free-range design for the one I will make for myself, though it was great for using up those shirt scraps.


  1. I love your house blocks! So funny. Great way to use scra[ps. Love to see the quilt!

  2. Thank you, will post when working on them next