Saturday, 4 July 2015


I haven't been able to settle to finishing anything in the last few months.  A bit of crochet, knitting, machine patchwork, English paper piecing on several projects, nothing has held my interest for long.  

Two weeks ago I need some mindless therapeutic sewing: I decided to try string piecing onto paper. First with crumbs before I committed.....  Not for me, way too fiddly!!  

What was I to do with all the strings I had collected over 5 years, three huge bins crammed full? (Excuse the terrible camera on my phone!)

 Sew them up in 10 1/2 inch long strips, of various widths to make a crumb quilt!  I have been sewing for two weeks and have barely scratched the surface of what I have.  I counted them yesterday, over 1000 of various widths already.  I use all the writing and dots on the selvages. Those little bits in the middle are the ends from the chain pieced strips, I take great pride in  using even the smallest  crumbs to add variation.  


 I see weeks of pressing and trimming ahead:  I may well save that the winter months.   

As I write this, there is a rather good blues-  rock band playing at at the school fete  in the field at the end of  my garden. Very civilised on a sunny Saturday.  As its 4th July, it seems appropriate that they are playing 'Sweet Home Alabama'.   Bcak to power sewing, to live music!

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