Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Green from spinning

MORE pinwheels

See this 80 litre bin? About 5 years ago I had a cutting frenzy and ended up with thousands of hst's finishing at 3" that I have barely used.
There seemed to be more green  than anything else, hence the green/brown pinwheels.
I am zoning out on green, I needed a change of colour for a bit. 

I kitted up hundreds of box kite sets whilst watching TV and barely made an impact on the bin!
These make up fast, finishing at 9" I haven't  made  a block this big for ages, seems enormous!  I tried two to see which way the light/dark triangles should go. Sixteen  triangles used in one block, ideal. I have tried to pick out a lot of the uglies, so this will be a darker, more masculine looking project, definitely NO acid brights.
Blocks look better with light on the outside. The centres probably won't be and exact match with the outside triangles as the scrap bin contains cuts of 3 1/2" squares cut at least 2 years later (I didn't start the scrap users system at the same time as I cut the triangles). 
The danger is I will spent too long finding the 'perfect' centre square match for each block!

I have also kitted up for the 1 1/2" finished  goose components  to go with the green pinwheels. 

There will be a  flying goose border too- the quilt will be about 100" square, thats a lot of geese. They will probably end up being a leader-ender project when it comes to the border. A serendipitous find last week on line in  the sale: there really will be geese in the crops!

I  found these scrappy strips sets left over from 'Dancing Sisters'- no point in leaving them languishing, I cut them down to goose components, 2" X 3 1/2". Sorting them into identical sets of four was a pain, but at leas the fabric is being used up now. The  crumb bin is refilling!

Sorting through the stash, I need to cut more green/brown goose components, I have mostly pulled fabric with a directional element in for these.

Time for bed I think

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