Monday, 7 December 2015



 I just had to try some parts for Bonnie Hunter's Allietare Mystery  part two.

 There was a bit of fiddling to get my seams accurate, as I am using a fine Aurfil thread, not my usual all purpose cream cotton. 

I have gone for sea themed blues instead of red, from light to mid blue. They go with the grey constant. As this grey constant is quite light, I have kept my neutrals light. 

My blacks are grey-black and I have chosen mid- yellows.
I may take some of the lighter ones out. 
Last night I got most of the way round the binding on Sisters Square Dance: I had to unpick and re-attach in a couple of places as the backing was caught up.
I have to hide all the ends from ditch quilting and hand-quilt a small motif in the centre of each star block to stabilise it.  It shouldn't take long, has to be done for Christmas.! (;@|

I'm also layering another quilt, more in the ditch sewing for speed, that has to be done by Christmas too!  Play was interrupted by the grand-pup at the weekend, he approved of the backing fabric, insisted on trying it out for comfort! 

 Link up here for Alletare part two, to see others progress.