Friday, 4 March 2016

A hiccup.

The moral of today's post-don't trim your quilt at night in poor lighting without your glasses especially when the fabric is black!  Doh. Fold on the corner perfectly sliced through!

What a pain! I wanted to hand sew the binding last night so I did most of it and left this corner until this morning. 

Insert new binding on corner. Fiddly.

 This was my first free motion scribbly filler, it didn't turn out too bad.  Using neutral thread in case it was awful meant that I couldn't really see what I had already sewn. Catch 23. 

The border is my  all purpose border filler, a very forgiving pattern, especially when you use matching variegated thread on scribbly fabric!  I need to work on a consistent stitch length.

I am calling this  a finish for today as I only have to sew down a few inches of binding. Charity quilt for Linus, about 40" square.  
These are  orphan blocks from 'The Big Green One'

Verbose backing, my favourite kind. 

This week I have pieced some flimsies for charity quilts.
Borders are recycled fabric, but you would never know. 

 Another hiccup that I am calling a deliberate block placement-it wasn't until I took the photo that I saw the red corner block was the wrong way round, but as the fabric says BLAH I am calling it a design feature!

Leftover blocks from 'Kiss in the Corner', with a wide binding, for a larger charity quilt. 

And another, this on has leftover grey strips on the border from  'Moth in a Window'

I used the burgundy block settings that I unpicked from the leftover 'Sisters Choice' blocks for the border. 

Orphan blocks , a larger Linus flimsy. White with orange scrappy border. 

And another. That uses up all but one random broken dishes block!

Crabby border fabric-you can find a use for everything! 

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  1. Someone will be glad to get them. I have been using a lot of leftover things of late also. Chris