Tuesday, 31 May 2016


About 1/3 of the small flimsies for donation are quilted, eight.  I had a roundup and cut backing for the rest, they need to be gone!
Too many orphan blocks! 
Still to do: 
 Five larger ones here ready to go, for Linus.

And nine flimsiness here for Portage and Linus -there are another two 'moth in a window' flimsies to practice on in this pile. 

There are three small quilts in progress, quilting/binding stage. 

One crumb quilt double to be layered, that needs to be done in the next couple of months. Lots of quilting needed to secure all thise seams. I will  be able to use up reels of gifted polyester thread on this. 

Two finishes, both about 1m square

  • Broccoli backing  and green border from deep stash
  • orphan blocks
  • scrappy binding from backing off-cuts
  • FMQ practice: variegated pastel orange and green on the front, cream polyester on the back (that was brave!)
  • borders quilted in the ditch

  • broken dishes blocks
  • FMQ quilting in cream  polyester front and back
  • scrappy binding from backing trimmings
  • Border from backing trimmings

Sunday, 29 May 2016

On a roll this week.

This single flimsy has been on the shelf for about four years: one day I raided the strip bins for 3 1/2" blue strips, then did nothing with it.  My son saw it and said I would be just right for his friend who has been in and out of hospital for a few months. 

Quickly layered and 'puzzle' quilted in an afternoon.

 Today I sewed the binding.

  • blue strips from the 3 1/2" strip bin
  • quilted with dark mauve embroidery sheen rayon on the front, rust on the back
  • moo and mushroom backing from deep stash

The demise of Mickey Mouse

I bought this cotton duvet cover in a charity shop, the motifs are too big to do anything useful with. It has now been chopped into yards of binding for charity quilts.

Quilting this single took a long afternoon, quick 'puzzle' waves. Needle break four inches from the end! Grr. 

Another moth in a window charity finish for Linus, I like this design better than the last practice run. So did my daughter in law, the king size will be for her. 
  • orphan blocks
  • deep stash border and backing
  • scrappy binding from previous backing off-cuts
  • about 1 x 1.3m

Thursday, 26 May 2016

A finish

Charity quilt done, 33x36". 
Backing and borders for the orphan moth blocks from the deep stash.
Scrappy binding from backing trimmings. 
This is the first of several experiments before I quilt the king size, I won't be doing the moth bodies like this. Good job I have the orphans to practice on! 

Monday, 23 May 2016

Roundup without curves

I have been working on hexies for the last month. Piccies later. 


I gave up on Perkiomen Daydreams as I wasn't happy with my accuracy on earlier blocks. I have pieced the finished  blocks into a cot sized flimsy, as cot sized people are no the quilt police! I will quilt this when I need a baby quilt in a hurry. 


I have started another postage stamp quilt, from the 1 1/2"  bin. I am not using this size, so I sewed some strip sets together and will sub-cut a few at a time- blocks of colour when I need a quick fix. Teenny bits help me with my accuracy. 


I have done a few of these flying geese strips, from 2" scraps in sets 1-8, again, to work on my accuracy. They will probably make a scrappy border for something. 


These two charity quilts are pinned and ready for quilting, all orphan blocks. I have several filmsies of the moth blocks in this size, I am practicing with the fancy stitches on my Bernina before I quilt the king size version! 

This one is part quilted. 
Much more to do to shape the moths.


A charity quilt finish today, about 1m square.

This one was frugal:
  • Backing was a new gifted polycotton duvet cover
  • Many shirts were harmed in the making of the blocks
  • All the thread was gifted polyester from my dressmaker mum's stash
  • The stripy border was a charity shop cotton duvet cover
  • The white border is recycled cotton sheeting
  • The scrappy binding is made from off-cuts from previous quilt backings