Tuesday, 31 May 2016


About 1/3 of the small flimsies for donation are quilted, eight.  I had a roundup and cut backing for the rest, they need to be gone!
Too many orphan blocks! 
Still to do: 
 Five larger ones here ready to go, for Linus.

And nine flimsiness here for Portage and Linus -there are another two 'moth in a window' flimsies to practice on in this pile. 

There are three small quilts in progress, quilting/binding stage. 

One crumb quilt double to be layered, that needs to be done in the next couple of months. Lots of quilting needed to secure all thise seams. I will  be able to use up reels of gifted polyester thread on this. 

Two finishes, both about 1m square

  • Broccoli backing  and green border from deep stash
  • orphan blocks
  • scrappy binding from backing off-cuts
  • FMQ practice: variegated pastel orange and green on the front, cream polyester on the back (that was brave!)
  • borders quilted in the ditch

  • broken dishes blocks
  • FMQ quilting in cream  polyester front and back
  • scrappy binding from backing trimmings
  • Border from backing trimmings


  1. I have about 6 in the works and I get bored and start another one. Hopefully I can get some closer to being done. All for a good cause. Great Job! Chris

    1. Thank you Chris, I am on a roll as all the tops are ready and waiting, I am trying to get as much done as I can whilst the fancy takes me (:@>