Thursday, 9 June 2016

Full speed ahead

I have spent the day at full speed, layering and quilting a 6' x 7' flimsy that has been on the shelf for 5 years.

The flimsy is made from crumbs and needed lots of quilting to keep it stable. 

All those seams!  This one is going to have to come with a warranty. I have spotted two places that gape whilst quilting, I have an idea for applique repair  that I can sneakily add and name the quilt to make it look as if it's on purpose.
I used a low loft Hobbs batting that I got in a sale. It is still really heavy!

My nerdy side came out: how many stitches, how much thread in the quilting?

An estimate: 
  1.  7' x 6'flimsy
  2. quilted 125 rows along the 6' length
  3. approximately 11 stitches to 1"
  4. 6 x 12=72" 
  5. 72" x 11= 792 stitches per row
  6. 792st. x 125 rows =99,000 total. 
  7. As the rows are not straight add 15%=113,850 stitches
  8. 113,850 stitches /11=10,350inches of quilting.
  9. That is approximately 0.163 miles/0.26 km of sewing
  10. Thread: loft of wadding is 1/16" so for each stitch add 1/16" ; 113,850 stitches x 1/16" =7,115  sixteenths of an inch= 444"
  11. top and bottom thread total : (2x 10,350 ") to 444" =21,144" of thread
  12.  0.333 miles or 0.54 km of thread. 
I think....................that's a lot of gifted polyester and odd reels of cotton used up!

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