Friday, 9 September 2016

This week

 I have been ironing the stash of strips and strings that were sewing up in three batches over the last year. That's a 64 litre bin under that pile! I have another refuse sack full, probably about the same.


 These are  ironed, only the trimming to do.....

I am cutting some as standard 4" for a scrappy piano key border

The rest are various widths. I think there will be enough for at least four king sized quilts, with yards of piano key border!

I have decided to use the 1 1/2 " finished leader ender triangles to make Bonnie's Ocean Waves 

Some way to go!  

A little more of the 1 " postage stamp quilt ...... I am saving two of every set, for a future project.

This is about 1/3 complete

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  1. Wish I could commit to getting back to the sewing machine. I am envious you have the push to work on this. Chris