No more than 10 minutes work each, inspired by whatever crosses my path.  Because playing with a few words this way is more productive than scrabble!

 Foggy yellowgrey
 Cloud; stinging sleet, suddenly
 Sunglasses seem silly.
Sunny stroll: homeward,
Stinging sleetsnow surprises,
Blinks sensored streetlights.
Wire squeezes, contorts;
limbs strained, striated, sinewed:
Beautiful bonsai.
 Battle-ship sky, flayed
By sun above, wind below:
Drips tormented tears.
 Frozen ears under
Marsupial beanie: childs
 Chilled whine wind-whipped dry.

Shrieking girls hair whips
A north wind to frenzy: birch,
Weeping, mourns late spring.

Christ! Frugality
Friday versus chocolate
Fauna-cocoa wins!

 Good Friday 2015

'Geomorphology Rules' Facebook page: ox bow lakes

Bovine forces etch
fluvial calligraphy:
calving flood plain fields

Feb 15


Two for the Grand Canyon, 'Geomorphology Rules' Facebook page:

Cambrian covers
Schistic surface; granite
Gains ground gradually
Disrupt succession: schistic 
Cocoon tames river
Patched, polished, primitive.
Torpid beak bites broccoli,
Tortoise springs from sleep.
Humming blades spin, pinch,
Millimetre grip wrenches:
Pain! Epilation.
Light draws me forward
Roller coaster ride: time slows,
Event horizon

Bugle calls muster,
Behemoth pelt quakes: steppes stepped,
Mammoth migration.

Windmills herald dark
Day, iced lightning sears; blood stabs,
Febrile brain pulses.
Needle pricks finger
Thread weaves a rhythm: fabric
Spots. Insulin time?
Pearly pink breast struts,
Proclaiming spring. Saurian
Coos usher white orbs.
Needle pricks finger,
De-qi radiates. Warm faith
Repairs teleomeres.
Diarist details
Dreadful deed; police pilfer,
Prosecution proves.

Winter howls, iced oak
Insensible; equinox
Mobilises sap.
Scorching flesh oozes
Searing, spitting, twisting, stench:
Barbecue season.
Spring shoots green vectors
Urgent destinations;cars
Statically belch.


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