Saturday, 21 July 2012


I have been sewing away on my made fabric blocks, the pile is getting bigger as they fill out.  I have half a dozen large enough to be ready for slashing and adding orange to now. I didn't make them large enough before, there was to much 'waste': I used it to start new blocks-see the middle one here. 

I get better results if  I press after every two strips
added, so its taking a while as there are so may blocks on the go, about 25 now.  More than enough to make a border of some sort for the finished quilt.

I am so easily DISTRACTED!  I found that the 'too big for 1'' diamonds but I can't bear to throw away bin' wasn't useful for the orange and blue project.  It has just sat on the table next to me. Hmm, leaders and enders, I thought.  As most of the pieces in the box are different depth variations of three or four sizes, I rummaged and made these in a few minutes........

I pressed all the seams in one direction so when I trim and join the strips to make blocks I will reverse the seam direction to ease bulk.  I'll do a bit more of this when  start block making again.

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