Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lazy day

Going to hand quilt this evening.

Even though I am off work, I haven't felt that relaxed and can't sleep well.  I have stayed up until 1am most nights and still had trouble sleeping.  I caught up this morning, I didn't wake up until 10.30 am!  I have a desk job and don't get enough exercise, so after four days out and about I think my body was protesting!   I've had a lazy day today reviewing Alex Anderson's hand quilting lessons on TQS and watching some free shows (register for free and you get more free shows).  I was a member for a while and learnt a lot.

The neighbours came to visit earlier (to be truthful they visit ALL the time).  Blackie was asleep in my herb basket (I've had to forget the herbs!) and Belly-up comes for a play/purr/belly scratch whenever hes called. He is going to make someone the most darling cat, most kittens aren't interested is fusses but he loves it.  Someone in the house is allergic so they have to get rid of all six cats, they will be missed. (:@[

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