Sunday, 29 July 2012

The a way......

Every single crumb in the bin is now sewn to another crumb.  I truly have a real leaders and enders project to dip into now.  I had to give it a good start kick start!

This is about 2/3 of the bin, I got up early and finished the other 1/3 this morning, as the mess was overwhelming me-my fault as I had thrown all the bits that really couldn't be used in the corner but there were beginning to creep all over the floor.

There is a huge bagful ready for the compost bin, cotton scraps are supposed to be good for the garden.

Now to clip them all apart. Those are LARGE scissors lost in  the pile.  I'll save that for a different rainy day.

I owed someone muffins for a favour done, I went a bit nuts and made

chocolate orange
banana choc chip walnut
lemon and poppy seed
plum, cardamom and almond
vanilla and raspberry jam

He isn't getting them all, the favour wasn't that big! Lots for the freezer for unexpected visitors.  The chocolate ones have an orange After Eight stuffed into them immediately they come out of the oven.  Numnum.  Quite tired now.........  Rather sad I have only sample two, don't dare have more today!

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