Monday, 1 October 2012

Kindle shopping-instant gratification!!

I have given in, and bought a Kindle.  

I like to get into long books but have trouble holding them up close enough to read with the new glasses that were bought for hand sewing. At over 1000 pages, Dombey and Son was the final straw!  

I am trying to read 10,000 pages this year, as I have so many books, I'm planning to calculate how long it will take to get through them at that rate.

All the classics, which tend to be tomes, are free on Kindle: I had a sort out this weekend and have a box to donate to a teacher friend who is setting up a shelf in her classroom. I lowered the bottom shelves on  my units and have almost managed to get all the books on the shelves now! 

I sleep under these shelves! I have avoided charity shop book sections for about 8 weeks, without counselling, I am very pleased with myself.  Kindle shopping could be a replacement. Oh dear!

I have been logging my reading for about 5 years now and seem to read less from now until Christmas, so I'm determined to make the effort this year, as it really relaxes me to zone out with a book.

I haven't done any sewing for a month or so, since my holiday.  I only did a few 1/2" diamonds whilst I was away.  I have the urge to do more 'orange and blue' this week......

 and I need to work on the hand quilting for when the recipients come back from traveling!

 It has got cold here in the last couple of weeks and I need a curtain for the back door. 

These blocks will be it. 

I am not too happy with the accuracy on these so a curtain is the best use. 

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