Monday, 15 October 2012

Kitting up

I have kitted up 5 more blocks for 'orange and blue'.

Now it's cooler in the evenings, I am pressing on with the hand quilted project I need to finish by Christmas as that's when the happy couple come back from traveling. I am not quilting this too heavily in the brown areas as I need to get it done. I am learning lessons already-the hearts mean lots of maneuvering of the quilt! And I didn't really need to quilt the blue squares as they are small, but now I have started.......!

I took it away last week to do in the evenings. 

I took 'pattern' photos, they are everywhere if you look.  Of course, quilters always provide the best inspiration.....

This was in a shop window. Mixed media by local children. 
Block pattern.....
 I liked the blocks above the windows....

Quilting pattern in the polished concrete floor at the Turner Contemporary (the exhibition was uninspiring!)

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  1. I agree with you that inspiration for blocks and quilting designs are everywhere. Before the digital cameras (my old 35mm was to big to take everywhere), I use to stop and sketch what I saw...drove my husband nuts.

    blessings, jill