Saturday, 20 October 2012

Little Weed

This is Little Weed, with Bill and Ben the flowerpot men.  Those in the UK 'of a certain age' will remember them!  I'm weedy today, so not quite so productive as I thought I'd be- I woke at 8.30 (late) made tea, went back to bed and woke at 1.30pm!!  Must have needed the sleep though.  Zzzzz. Feeling flu-ish.

I finished off stitching the last of the orange 'window' lengths first, this afternoon, pressed all of the paired lengths of each colour for the 'windows'........


I cut the reds-I made 137 blocks and only needed 68!  The rest are bagged up for another project. I suspect it will be the same for every colour!

I sewed these onto the red 'windows' to check for accuracy before I cut any more, seems fine. Apart from having the camera on the wrong light source setting!

Now stitching the yellows.  I will do these, then start assembling the 'moths' fully before I do any other four patch blocks.

Tried to  tune in to Bonnie Hunter on quilt-cam but the feed was misbehaving. Grump!  She doesn't often do it when I am awake in the UK!

One of those days!


  1. Oh my goodness, Bill and Ben! That takes me back ... those yellows are lovely.

  2. I find yellow very tricky. That's why I'm tacking it early on in the quilt!