Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Off the rails and 11/36 to 15/36 of Orange and Blue

I went from a few evenings of crazy crumb piecing..............  'orange and blue' It didn't go well!  This was OK, 11/36, simple shapes and measurements.  

 This was to use up the strips I cut the wrong size!!  But it came out all right, even though I still had to cut the centre twice.  Oh dear.  I should have left it there

This one was to use up those strips and showcase the 'made' fabric  It's a bit wibbly.

 I cut more strips, THEY WERE STILL THE WRONG SIZE!  Aghghgh!  I came up with this original design, which I'm calling OFF THE RAILS.  Its the theme of the day!
This one is another original, to show off the made fabric.  I quite like it: it needs developing as an idea, with yellow and dark blue. I'm going to call it 'Open the Door'.  It's using up triangles I cut the wrong size!

I didn't get to do the block I was aiming for with the strips!  Next time......

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