Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Orange segments

I'm trying a different way: instead of cutting the block and sewing each strip separately, I've done it like this.....bad photos!

I just LOVE this orange fabric, I'm so pleased I found a use for it-it works really well as an accent.  It would be overwhelming as a main fabric, I think.

Seems to be easier, and quicker.  I'll press and trim the edges before the cross-members go in to get a flatter finish.

I need to plan the kind of sashings I want-at the moment I'm thinking at least three rows with cornerstones in orange. It may need five rows as the blocks are so strong. It seems to be moving fast-as I have almost run out of white, I need to stop for a few days until the next batch arrives in case it is slightly different, I want enough of the new 'white on white' distributed throughout the quilt so as not to make it look odd, and have it tie in with the sashings. With any luck it will be the same!

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