Sunday, 21 October 2012

Over compensator.

That's me, same as ever, I have made too many moths!!  The up side? I sewed 175, there is enough for a second bed topper or lap quilt. Handing these 6 inch blocks after working with 1 1/2" strips seemed really unwieldy

 I have made enough of the yellow and red four patches, looking at what I have to cut, there will be plenty of every colour of these.  The only thing I need to cut for the second quilt are the window strips. I will see how the colours work on the bigger quilt first before I decide on the second set of window sashings.

I have a lot of pressing to do (moth squashing!)

  I only found 7 sets that I had sewn on the wrong way, not bad going for me!



  1. Too funny...moth squashing!!! LOL. Working that stash is always good and you had so much steam going, you now have two quilts.

    blessings, jill

  2. Thanks for emailing me the dimensions for the MOTH quilt. I'll be keeping track of your progress and look forward to seeing a finished product. :D