Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I bought three more charity shop shirts today, two pale and one strong stripe.  I had thought of making another sampler quilt with smaller blocks, but it will take too long.  Instead I'm going to use Bonnie Hunters 'Moth in a Window' block to work with: the challenge for this one will be getting the cutting an piecing right with all the cornerstones. Probably around an 8 inch block, but I have to raid my cut blocks first to see if there is any shirting there. Cute quilting will be possible on this one, a chance for me to practice with my Bernina.

These are Bonnies blocks......I may have to drop some strong plain reds in there as most of the shirts are plain or plain stripe, we are not big on plaid in the UK!.

mothinawindow 001 I will start kitting these up  this week as I'm waiting for white fabric to arrive and be washed and dried for 'orange and blue'.  Then I will have an idea of how many more shirts I need!  I have other bits to cut as well, I feel a mess coming on.....

I asked everyone at work to donate, only one chap is prepared to give me his old shirts and he has to smuggle them out without his wife knowing.  Another chap keeps promising but they never arrive, I think he's embarrassed at the thought of me sleeping under his clothes.  Men, funny creatures! (:@}All I want is the shirt off their back, I'm hardly a demanding female.

Thank goodness for sewing.  It keeps me sane!


  1. Your blogs are wonderful. Amazing what some shirts can become. I was sooooo excited this past weekend as I found three for only $1 each, though the 'Christmas' plaid was claimed by my son;-) Our thrift store prices for mens shirts are crazy. If I was buying them to wear, a Ralph Lauren shirt for $6 is not bad, but I like the $1 and $2 range for quilts. I just may have to except the higher prices.

    Looking forward to seeing more blocks.
    blessings, jill

    1. thank you! xx I have just posted a change of plan to 'shirty- I stayed up until 1am last night on a mission, I had to force myself to stop! I have been feeling a bit like a 'moth in a window' myself the last couple of weeks, this project has me off an flying!

      There aren't may bargains in charity shops these days, prices for shirts are as high as £7 each, you get about a metre equivalent of fabric to use, not really worth it-yesterdays were a bargain at £3. Sounds like your 'bargains' are better than mine though!