Sunday, 7 October 2012

The best laid plans.....

... have morphed into mindless relaxation sewing, its working!

I started by inserting some strips into 'orange and blue' blocks.  I wasn't relaxing into it.

Next I picked up some strips from the crumb project, trimmed and sewed them up into 13" squares-better!

 I pieced the scraps from the crumb bin into strips for a couple of hours.

I have run out of separated chain pieced scraps, so now I'm stopping sewing, putting on a film and snipping for a while. After I have put the chicken soup on to simmer for tea. Numnum.

I had pieces left over from cutting 12-set hexies for 'project 29'-they have been sewn together to add movement to the strip piecing, with bigger pieces cut into spare hexagons and diamonds.  I just can't bear to throw it out!

I finished this one last night.  The bag is sorted out again after the dropping incident and stowed away for now.

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