Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The demise of Starbucks in Horsham

Not that I'm fond of coffee particularly.  I use it as a drug for when I have to face anything other than food shopping ('cause shopping is wasted sewing/reading/chilling time, right?).  I do most of my buying on the Internet (somebody stop me!)

The above mentioned franchise had my local Bookcrossing zone shelves, where I took a lot of my releases. Of late, I have generously been given boxes of books on a regular basis for release onto the shelf, I need to find another zone that's active and not too far away. And also has an interesting stock of books! 

There was a good atmosphere in there early on a Sunday mornings. I always went on Sundays as it stopped me buying books in the charity shops as they are closed on Sunday.  The music wasn't intrusive, you could read and sip and relax.  Take a look at my Bookcrossing shelf on the link.  You will see my issues!  In fact, join the community-unless you have already joined, in which case tell me your tag!

Change of topic, if memory serves, this is how being 9 months pregnant felt.....

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