Friday, 14 December 2012

A little exercise to clear the cobwebs.... two respects!

I have been feeling distinctly under the weather for the last couple of days, haven't been to work.  Yesterday I slept ALL day. And I slept late this morning until 10am.  Not like me at all.  I could have stayed there longer but my back was aching from all the laying around!  I had the fidgets this evening, no doubt from feeling thoroughly rested so I started moving a few things into my sons room while he is away to decorate....I'm going to email him this picture!  The double bed is buried, all the floor space is taken up with fabric in storage, wool in storage, UFOs, two huge rolls of wadding, FOUR giant bags of polystyrene beads to make bean bags (I've had those over 5 years), boxes of strings and more. I'm not sure this will fit in the little bedroom!  Good job I got my son to put his fishing gear in the loft before he went.

I will be taking up the old carpet and maybe prepping the paintwork this weekend.  I have hoovered away the cobwebs already.

I will have to work round this unit, there is nowhere to move it to.............. has my browns and larger pieces/backing in.  I can never resist good quality fabric at silly prices for backing!   I almost weakened today and bought 8 metres of Makower strawberry fabric for backing, but I stopped myself!  Whew!


  1. Oh this was so funny. I often look at my son's room as a future quilting room. Too bad we don't live closer...we could help each other with our organizing. The menfolk around here have a strange habit of disappearing during organizing sessions.

    blessings, jill

  2. Trouble with that little lot is I consider it thinned down already. These are must keeps-I'm going to be playing tetrus when it goes in the box room (where I sleep at the moment)! I somehow think that anything YOU threw out would come home with me! I sometimes keep old hand knits to unravel, and fabric scraps bigger than 1 1/2" for my 1/2" diamond mini-pieces-to-make-a-double-one-day project. And the paper pieced pineapple-one-day project. I got it bad ~{;@? If I lived in a barn I would fill it! Now there's an idea, relocation........