Saturday, 15 December 2012


I often hear on the news information on the state of the fish stocks and there is a good series, Trawlermen, on the North Sea fleets-such as they are these days.  Fresh fish from the supermarket is prohibitively expensive most of the time.  And I only live 30 miles from the coast.

So I thought I would 'Kindle' this. Looks uninspiring, doesn't it?   Its actually quite a good read, I'm 1/4 way through.  History, politics through the ages, the state of current fish stocks; the text is engaging me.  Cod=cash=international trade, in times past.

Kurlansky has written other books on related subjects (salt, the Basques) that I may read too, as I like his style of writing.

There is a wonderful quilt by Ruth  B McDowell, featuring a school of cod, that I love.  I wish I had the time to acquire and practice her techniques.

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