Friday, 28 December 2012

Dissolving Resolve

Having outed myself on a previous post about all I am going to get done in the next few weeks-it's my birthday at the end of march so there is a TARGET date-I didn't  get off to the most the most industrious start! To be fair, visiting took up time over Christmas (excuse!) and I was really tired yesterday (pathetic!).  Hopefully by the end of today I will have organised everything I need to in order to have a clear conscience and proceed forthwith with the sewing tasks! 

I needed something to occupy those spare moments over the festivities so I played with some crochet cotton from a charity shop that I had had in the stash for years (not enough of it to make a garment and too nice a colour for dishcloths) and made texture effects for the tactile quilts-enough for several dozen! I got a bit carried away as I haven't done crochet for years, I had forgotten how relaxing it was and how quickly things grow...............

I have been thinking about the tactile quilts non-stop as it's going to give me a chance to practice texture effects, which have long been on the list of things I want to master.  Must finish Moth in the Window first, before I do a single tactile-orientated sewing stitch!  I think I may end up doing far too complicated a job for what is required, but as I will only make one to start with there will be time for feedback. I will be setting aside practice blocks for my own quilt along the way.

Oh, and I also told my son I would loose 14lb by the time he got back from the Far East at the start of March.  Hmmmmm....... it should me me that's dissolving, not my resolve!

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