Tuesday, 18 December 2012


At the weekend I wanted a bit of non-thinking hand sewing so I  put the last few hexies onto five of these 'random hexie' blocks and sewed a few more papers in whist watching catch-up TV.  

I need to press ahead with the hand quilting project for the next month and get it finished. I did a bit last night and should get  a lot done over Christmas.

A rather fuzzy photo-as this is my first go at hand quilting, I wisely chose a 'camouflage' backing so you can't see the beginners uneven stitching on the back!  Love it!


  1. I have been hand quilting for over 10 years. Even after all that time, and I am happy with my front and back stitches....I will always chose a print background to hide the stitches. Just less worry in case;-)

    I also think you need to come over here for a visit. I have a hexagon quilt in progress that I believe would get finished if you worked on it...hehehe.

    blessings, jill

    1. I already have *five* paper pieced projects going! Don't mind helping out though!