Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Old Red Sandstone thread.

This is my spiritual home, Marloes, Pembrokeshrie
This is some of the fantastic geology in the area.  The fold is about 55 feet high.
This is Old Red Sandstone. The textures and colours are numberless.  The cottages built from the stone are chocolate box beautiful.  

I have been collecting red/rust/rock texture fabric for ages now, because the rocks in this area are so inspirational. These fabrics will be the background for my 'Evolution' wall hanging, still in the design stage but always at the forefront of my thinking (I have done lots of thinking in the last couple of weeks!) 

I did some playing a while ago with evolving prairie points.
 The reason for this post?  I found 5000 metre reels of rayon embroidery thread in the most perfect range of colours for this quilt on sale at Lords Sewing .

If you are a European machine embroiderer, check the site. 

This range is gorgeous!

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