Sunday, 28 February 2016

Victorian Ramblings

My son has been clearing the cellar of a lovely old Victorian house.  It was stacked to the ceiling with 'stuff'. He got to the window this week, this is on the inside!   The building is going to need some major restoration.  I wanted that fern for the garden, but he said the brickwork may come away if I pull it out!

From the outside......
That is a foxglove trying to grow in the brickwork!

Some of the rubbish down there is frankly a health hazard due to the damp.  I went with him as he also found a pile of coal. I am an amateur geologist and thought there may be fossils in the coal, but no; it's all high quality consolidated coal, far too compressed for fossils. I was nostalgic for a coal fire, that we always had at home when I was growing up. It was worth a look- obviously plant matter, but nothing distinguishable.
Nice  original tiling in the porch
 but too many Y seams I think!

This is how long since it was properly cleared!

I have always had Victorian house envy. It is because of the large living area windows I think, so much light comes in.  I could never live in a cottage, they  have windows the size of the glass in your oven!

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